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>> Speaking of myoglobin, I donated a pint of A+ on the 30th.
> I donated blood recently, the bruise in my elbow has turned yellow and
> started to fade.
> A bunch of random strangers saved my life when I nearly died in childbed,
> and I feel I ought to pay it forward. I donate at the same hospital, maybe
> I will help a relative of someone who helped me.

I donate because dunnamany strangers provided enough blood to transfuse my sister and me, 23 mos apart, in different countries, at birth and for periodic transfusions in our first months, until we got to 5 lbs. Our mother was 4’9”, only over 85 lbs when in her 2nd & 3rd trimesters of pregnancy. Parents were Rh-incompatible.

I’m paying it forward, too. I aged out of the bone marrow donor program. I’m donating what organs can be harvested when I die.

Used to be my left arm was the only place to find a vein. It’s sunk too far in, and a needle hitting a nerve instead is no fun. My right arm, now that I’m better hydrated, is where I give.

Let’s hear it for generous random strangers!

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