[LMB] Birthday Tixie glances at list, goes oops!

Jean Lamb tlambs1138 at charter.net
Mon Jan 3 18:01:08 GMT 2022

First all, happy birthday to both Sylvia McIvers (now age 47)  and Victoria
L'Ecuyer. Due to the Birthday Tixie's forgetfulness, your berth on a
galaxy-class cruise ship has been upgraded to VIP Plus and you'll be dining
at the captain's table for two extra days. Why? Because your birthday treat
is a month on a Nexus cruise ship (with return to the same day you left,
aren't wormholes fun?) with swim-up bar and a rather hefty voucher for both
the ship's duty free stores and for shopping at various stops on Eta Prime,
Escobar, and Komarr (all items from Eta Prime must be thoroughly inspected
because you never know quite what you're going to get; besides, the bio
people on board like to play with them first). Enjoy!


This is also Pat Mathews' 83rd birthday! Your treat for today is a stop at
the Durona's for a tour (float chair included if you like, which has a bar
built into the left hand arm, the controls are on the right), and a spot of
whatever therapy seems good for you (you're a special guest of Mark and
Kareen and have lunch with them later on). The Duronas are very happy to see
you, since they're working on a new, improved joint therapy and they'd like
to try it out on you. Lunch is also great, since Mark and Kareen get
shipments of Ma Kosti's best work flash-frozen for transport. You are
encouraged to take a nap in the afternoon since the Duronas want to work on
your sleep quality and need to observe it anyway. You go home feeling much
better than you have in quite some time. 


Happy Birthday to all!


Jean Lamb

tlambs1138 at charter.net <mailto:tlambs1138 at charter.net> 



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