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On Jan 3, 2022, at 7:42 AM, Stewart Dean <sdean at sdean.net> wrote:
>> “Events may be horrible or inescapable. Men have always a choice - if not whether, then how, they may endure.”
> When I was a year old in the summer of '48, my mother was almost totally paralyzed. We had been coming back from a weekend in the Poconos when she had pain in her back and within a day, she was immured in an iron lung fighting for her life.

My belle-mère, currently in dementia (I owe at least two of you a response—haven’t forgotten) had polio at 14. She was very active, thus didn’t lose too much muscle tone, and recovered a little better and quicker than others. Her breathing was not affected, a blessing.


If only someone with a 3D printer could help with replacement parts!

Post-polio syndrome is not well-studied. Between rheumatoid arthritis and PPS, her mobility has steadily declined in the past 15 years. Steps are not her friend—getting onto the scale at the dr ofc today bothered her. Luckily, they have scales for disabled folk.

I will now read the sites in your post—I wanted to get this off while my memory persisted.

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