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Tue Jan 4 12:20:18 GMT 2022

> On Jan 3, 2022, at 1:06 PM, Matija Grabnar via Lois-Bujold <lois-bujold at lists.herald.co.uk> wrote:
> I think it highly likely. Any business where a manager can utter “we do not pay you to think” without said manager being summarily fired is, IMHO, headed down the drain.

Unfortunately, such businesses can survive for a long time, especially if they are large enough
to be considered to big to fail and repeatedly bailed out. Banks are a prime example.

It was commented I forget where, that 'The airlines in America got large subsidies when went to
executive bonuses and stockholder profits and the subsidies were not needed as some new entity would
arise to fly the planes. Why spend tax payer money on subsidies? That is after all for what corporate bankruptcy

The price of tickets might have to be raised, but who is flown by the airlines? It’s the upper middle class basically,
the lower middle class takes the bus and the middle middle class is flown rarely if ever. The rich are flown privately.

I hear it works like this the rich pay lawyers and lobbyists to avoid taxes,
  middle class pays Federal tax, the lower class pays sales tax.

Better to stop here before I get into American politics.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light."
 - Attributed to Plato

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