[LMB] Book Curses (Penric?)

Carol Botteron cjbotteron at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 01:22:31 GMT 2022

Gwynne wrote: I don't think Penric would put curses in his books; a
sorcerer has to be very careful about things like that. Just one student
has some horrible accident, and suddenly everyone is blaming sorcerers for
making cursed books - and a lot of students stop reading. There's so many
odd rumours about sorcerers in his world as it is (and, let's face it, most
of the rumours aren't even close to what they can really do. Sorcerers are
pretty scary, really - we just see a really nice one.)

I wrote: "When Penric was a student, the books he used were handmade.  I
don't recall curses in those books."

I was not referring to books that Penric translated, wrote, or made, just
to those he used as a student.  Certainly it's possible that the school
avoided using books with curses in them.

Getting away from Penric, another possible curse:  "If you damage or steal
this book, you will learn that its descriptions of the infernal region are

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