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Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 06:31:43 GMT 2022

I have a neat app on my phone that lets convert just about any measurement
known to mankind. Right now it's a nice comfortable 295.88 Kelvin in my
living room or 533.13 Rankine.

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> > I buy saffron by the ounce—a bit more than 28g—and loose tea usually in
> grams. I can do that conversion, and liters/quarts/ounces easily. I know
> that 10C is cool, 20C is ‘room temperature’, and 30C is hot, and for temps
> that humans live in, can approximate.
> >
> > I’m 1.5m tall—and 1’ is mid-calf, 2’ below my butt, 3’/yard at my waist,
> 44/45” middle of my chest, 54” at my lower lip, and 60” where you’d think.
> Did I mention how much of my life I’ve spent in fabric stores? My mother
> was a couture level seamstress with a fabric addiction. Buttons and trims
> have been my downfall.
> I’m 37°.   That’s more accurate than the incorrectly precise 98.6°.
> The conversion advantages of metric are overstated.  But the compatibility
> advantages are underrated.
> I don’t convert my liter bottle of coke, or a 5th of whiskey.  And I just
> look at the correct speedometer on my car.
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