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Fahrenheit was interested in selling thermometers. The tale I heard was that he picked his 100 and zero points from his subjective feelings of hot and cold days.

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> Oddly, I still like to convert people's heights to feet and inches. Somehow
> that is still how I 'see' it. Everything else is more comfortable in metric.

Do people still think people?s weight in stones?

Gwynne: Not much, no. I'm happy with kg for that. But for some reason,
height is easier to visualise in feet and inches. All other measurements are
ok in metric for me.
Sometimes with temperature they'll give the temps and then note that
'...which is 100 in the old Fahrenheit...' We still see that 100 as some kind
of dividing line - once it hits 100 you're allowed to feel hot.
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