[LMB] When World-Views Collide, books

Kathy Collett kcollett at hamilton.edu
Wed Jan 5 17:08:44 GMT 2022

At our family zoom call last night (all of us Bujold fans), my daughter mentioned Lois’s 1999 essay, available at http://www.dendarii.com/collide.html.  We were talking about Gideon the Ninth and other books, including Ishmael — I haven’t read either of them, but look forward to reading Gideon from what I’ve heard about it.  There seem to be widely divergent opinions on Ishmael — not on the zoom call; only my nephew had read it, and he said he might have been impressed with it if he hadn’t taken some anthropology courses — but I’ve heard people raving over it as a revelation and others saying that it’s pretentious drivel, even if they agree with its overall message.  So for some people, maybe it does expand their worldview, while for others, it fits all right with their worldview but they object to it on other grounds.  Anyone here have opinions about it?

Anyway, I read Lois’s essay again and still find it enjoyable and worthwhile.


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