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I sent a msg to QuietAnne by mistake; she hit reply, thinking it was to 
the list, instead it came to me.  Here it is.

Mark A.

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Mark, William,

It's OK. My apologies for being over-sensitive and cranky this morning.

As I said before: the NIFT test isn't accurate. It's great at detecting 
true positives, but really bad at detecting true negatives. A lot of 
screening tests aren't accurate, and if one has a positive test, further 
testing is required.

And Karen, thanks for the correction on the genetics of CF. I should 
have remembered that. Tay-Sachs is much more clear. There are a few 
variants, though.

(My (Ashkenazi Jew) doctoral advisor was a T-S carrier, and there was a 
panic when it looked like her (Iranian Muslim) husband was a carrier, 
too. Apparently there's a genetic marker in his background that is close 
to, but not, the one for T-S. It was a very unexpected and wanted 
pregnancy; she was a "DES daughter" and due to cervical insufficiency, 
she was on bed rest for 7 months. At 37 weeks, her OB took her off bed 
rest and expected her to go into labor immediately, but somehow she made 
it to 40 weeks, right on time. Their son was perfectly healthy. The 
whole bed rest thing made my data collection easier, because she wasn't 
at the university to interfere with what I was doing! What would have 
been weekly meetings happened about every 6 weeks, when I'd drive to her 
house and sit on the end of her bed while we talked.)


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