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On 05/01/2022 22:03, Matthew George wrote:
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>> There are lots of things that have one name (and completely different
>> implications) when
>> done to you by others vs when done by you to yourself.
> The word people object to is the general, highly-inclusive category.
> 'Killing' is the example.  That is the supercategory that includes both
> murder and suicide.

And notice that people don't object nearly as much to "killing" in 
general as they object to murder.

Note the instant response from all sorts of Christians who are eager to 
point out that "Thou shalt not kill" really means "Thou shalt not 
murder", restricting to more specific meaning because they want the more 
general meaning still allowed. The same goes for legislatures, which 
prohibit/punish "murder", and "manslaughter", and sometimes "suicide", 
but not "killing".

My point stands: there are big moral differences (widely recognized) 
between "murder" and "suicide". And the biggest difference is personal 

And no, "eugenics" is not the more general term.

I refer you to https://www.britannica.com/science/eugenics-genetics 
which makes it pretty clear that eugenics, from it's very start, was not 
about personal choice, but about influencing other people, either 
through persuasion to select better mates ("good eugenics") or through 
legislation/coercion forcing "less desirable" people not to have 
children (including through sterilization) aka "bad eugenics".

The more inclusive term would be "social Darwinism" (a misnomer, since 
it doesn't really have anything to do with Darwin). And again, the 
difference is in personal choice. If you consider yourself by some 
category superior to other people, and want to have children with a 
person who you think will preserve or even enhance that category in your 
children AND your choice of partner will have you, nobody is going to 
object to it. They might consider you shallow, but that is not going to 
prevent you from doing what you want.

When you seek to enforce your choices on other people, either through 
anti-miscegenation laws or some other means, THAT is a whole different 

> Matt "hypocrisy" G.
Your current choice for your middle name is highly appropriate.

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