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I can't help wondering how the human invention of words effected our
intellectual evolution.  Every thought I have, every decision I make is
through the symbology of words.
Imagine you are a member of Homoerectus one of of the first hominids
spreading out of Africa.
How do you think without words. I bet you can't. I believe Homoerectus had
a language of sorts.
Then there is Koko who was trained to sign. The fact that she and other
primates could communicate complex thoughts.
What makes us sapient is our ability to communicate concepts and
information to each other. We further improved our communication through
symbolic imagery that through hits and missis evolved to a understandable
I think that is a major cornerstone of human intelligence is the ability to
communicate complex thoughts through huge distances.
Of course Whales might have us beat ages ago.

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> Hello,
> > On Jan 6, 2022, at 00:48, Joel Polowin <jpolowin at hotmail.com> wrote:
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> > How is one supposed to learn what the phrases mean before knowing the
> > stories?  Supposedly the aliens' language didn't use words outside of
> > such phrases; that was the point.
> You don’t need the story to know what a phrase is supposed to mean. People
> learn what a black widow means, ie, a wife who’d kill her husband (for
> money), before learning that it originally referred to a female spider that
> eats the male that mated with her.
> As to the episode, I don’t think the writers managed to convey their
> premise properly, ‘cause the alien was using words other than the set
> phrases. And also, from what I’ve read, the language was supposedly based a
> little on Chinese. I can’t explain what the writers were thinking; I can
> only explain the Chinese.
> little Alex
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