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> Alex Kwan <litalex at gmail.com> wrote:
> How is one supposed to learn what the phrases mean before knowing the
> stories?

4th grade joke (age may vary at your location)
What time did the sun set today?
hahaha, the sun didn't set,  the sun stayed still and the earth turned!

Seriously, this is side-splitting hilarity for the people who just found
out that the world is heliocentric, not geocentric.

This joke has reached the four corners of the earth.  *zing*

obBujold: did the Firsters bring the bible-text with them, or did Ivan &
the Imperial Prod-noses know about the Four Horsemen of the
Appocolypse because it's just a phrase which means Terriffying Terror Boss
Of Doom?

who loves to play Spot That Metaphor

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