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> The operative part was "[they are] restricting to more specific meaning
> because they want the more general meaning still allowed."
> In other words, a number of Christians (by no means all, of course),
> want murder forbidden by commandments, but other killing (death penalty,
> war) still allowed.
> I'm sorry if it was not clear.

Thanks for explaining.
It's easy to use shorthand in an argument, when everyone knows most of the
argument already.
Then the newb comes in and needs explanations...

But going to war is necessary sometimes, especially when someone else has
attacked a country.

Weird karma - my grandpa, a nice Jewish boy from Poland, immigrated to New
York, joined the army to fight Hitler...  and was sent to the Pacific
Theater.  So technically he never got to fight Hitler.

 We have his naturalization papers, "stationed in the Philippine Islands."


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