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Kornbluth was a GI and in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge. He injured himself by jumping down from a truck (some say while carrying a .30 cal machine gun), in either case being in the Ardennes in winter is a bad idea.  His refusal to do simple Healthcare things, like brush his teeth, added to his later medical troubles.  We now know (suspect) that tooth decay can trigger lots of other problems.

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>> Fredric Pohl didn’t need to fight in WWII.  He lived in an area of NYC that had lots of Chinese volunteers so he wouldn’t have been drafted.  But eventually he volunteered anyway.  The army trained him for cold weather fighting, removed all of his fillings and replaced them with fillings designed for cold weather—and sent him to North Africa...
> I did not know that, but I remember he was pretty scathing (in the foreword to "The Space Merchants") about what the army did to Kornbluth. I forget the details, it has been a long time since I read it. I think he blamed them for either causing or exacerbating the heart problem that eventually killed Kornbluth.

His autobiography was the wonderfully named “The Way The Future Was”.
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