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> Question: She says that Barrayar is an exploration of the cost of
> parenthood through six parallel couples. I can't identify the couples.
> Here are the ones I can think of:
> Clearly:
> Cordelia and Aral
> Kou and Drou
> Maybe:
> Alys and Padma
> Kareen and Serg
> Kareen and Vidal

The other is Bothari and the replicator. Quoted from the Author's Afterword
in Cordelia's Honor:
Not just Aral and Cordelia, but all the other supporting couples took up
and played their symphonic variations on the theme, exploring its
complexities: Kou and Drou, Padma and Alys, Piotr and his dead wife,
Vordarian and Serg and Kareen, and most strangely and SFnally, Bothari and
the uterine replicator.

Gwynne: I would have added Ekaterin and Tien to the list; parenthood
brought Ekaterin a huge love for her child, but it was a tether that limited
her life and choices for a long time.

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