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Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 8 13:35:17 GMT 2022

From: quietann <quietann at gmail.com>

OK. There's this little thing called sacrifice. Are you aware of how many
marriages fail when a severely disabled child is born? Or the general lack
of support services for these children, once they are adults?
Massachusetts' waiting list for adult group homes was about 5 years long as
of a few years ago. Aging parents who know they will not be there forever
for their adult children, or were unable to continue caring for them?
This is a harsh reality, but potential parents are not stupid for looking
at this.

Gwynne: At one of the nursing homes where I volunteered (pre-COVID)
I met Julie. She's 66. She's been a resident in that nursing home since she
was 24. Forty-two years. Her mother was unable to care for her and there
was nowhere else for her to go. Another friend of mine almost crippled
herself with back injuries from lifting a disabled son, before she finally had
 to find a place that could take him.

Care for a child with high needs has a huge effect on the parents, on other
children, on family resources, on the children who aren't born because the
parents can't care for another child, and as you say - the heart-tearing worry
of what happens after they're gone. It's a desperately sad situation.

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