[LMB] Colors

M. Haller Yamada thefabmadamem at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 10 07:25:09 GMT 2022

I would guess that having everyone in "the same" uniform was something that rulers were willing to splash out on . . . not sure about for common people, but maybe? 

I don't really think of religious costumes as being uniforms, but they seem quite uniform -- similar styles and fabrics. I googled Egyptian priests, and saw half a dozen priests wearing the same sarongs and costumes in a picture. I believe I've seen pictures of Egyptian servants dressed very similarly. 

I saw a beautiful Minoan "Ancient Greek wall fresco" of three priestesses wearing the same dress, with three stripes down the front and the same border. (Hellenic-art.com, Minoan priestesses II)

A prehistoric painting/silhouette of dancers showed several dancers wearing the same headdresses and butt bustles.  (Pinterest, it seems. CHAUDRON: Prehistoric rock paintings of Libyan and Algerian Sahara. 

I suppose it depends on what the definition of uniforms are. I recently saw (maybe on Atlas Obscura?) servants serving dinner, all dressed in black pointy shoes, tights and really short and very shoulder-paddy tops. (YES! "Why Were Medieval Europeans So Obssessed With Long Pointy Shoes.) Fashion? Or uniform? The styles were identical, even though the colors were different. 


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