[LMB] Colors

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 10 12:11:50 GMT 2022

From: "M. Haller Yamada" <thefabmadamem at yahoo.com>

I would guess that having everyone in "the same" uniform was something that rulers were willing to splash out on . . . not sure about for common people, but maybe??

Gwynne: Military uniforms have the advantage that people were less likely to
attack the wrong ones. Livery for servants is a display of wealth and, by
extension, power.

In most cases; military uniforms, servants, religious groups, police, etc - uniforms
made them easily identifiable, which for some groups was important for
emergencies, and for others brought the wearer respect, or donations, or
safety. And it has a definite impact, as a display of unity and power.

Look at the reactions to the Barrayaran military uniforms, apparently
designed by some libidinous romantic, who came up with a uniform that
displays the wearer to great advantage and inspires strong reactions in
 those who see it. (As with Tej, frex. Mind you, Ivan is pretty impressive in
any outfit.) And Duv's comments to Miles about the shiny boots, and later
'...sugar-plum-fairy...' Those uniforms have PRESENCE.

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