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> Servants might be given hand-me-downs, so I don't think it's a given that hand-woven, hand-sewn clothing would all be the same. I think it's again, a whim of the person viewing the servants. Maybe they only wore matching outfits (uniforms?) for special occasions and only in the very richest (or quite rich but whimsical) households. 

A big reason for uniforms is to show who “owns” the servants, and what authority they have.   

Cops have uniforms to show their authority.  Military ranks are uniform so that you know that stranger  with eagles on his shirt has authority over you.

The color of a servant’s livery indicated who their bosses are, and again, where they are free to move (and who will pay for the goods they purchase).

“Costume” is a variation of “Custom”.   A wedding dress is a type of costume, and it shows the culture one is from.

People have been ostracized for wearing beards if they are in clean-shaven cultures, sometimes even shorn by force.

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