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Am 10.01.2022 um 16:17 schrieb John Lennard:
> Sylvia: > And then he sees Juliet and throws over Rosaline before he even
> talks to
>> Juliet.
> Markus: yes - 14 year olds ... both of them ..
> and like any teenager in that age, drama queens to the nth power
> John: Quite right about teenage drama queens, but there is no evidence that
> Romeo is 14. We know Juliet is -- her mother tells us so (and that she is
> herself 28, having had Juliet when she was 14) -- but while Romeo is
> clearly also adolescent anything between 14 and 19 is possible, and I'd
> tend to think 16-17 probable. Tony Tanner (drawing on a remark by
> Coleridge) said the play is characterised by "precipitate immoderation",
> which is whang in the gold.
> Side note: as a tragedy of bourgeois teenagers (both Capulets and Montagues
> are mercantile, not noble),

which however in the italian renaissance city states made very little of 
a difference

forex: the Medici were bankers (or banksters?)



  R&J is a much more radical play than tends to
> be realised, and after *Arden of Feversham* (c.1590/91), in which Shax has
> now been shown to have had a central hand, the second earliest example of
> what is now called 'domestic tragedy', denying Aristotle's definition of
> tragedy as applying to the great and affairs of state to reclaim it for all
> (or at least for the middle-class plus). But *Arden* is based on a real
> case of the 1550s, and many later domestic tragedies also cleave to the
> real  -- *A Yorkshire Tragedy* (1605/6), *The Miseries of Enforced
> Marriage*(1607), *The Witch of Edmonton*(1621) -- whereas R&J much more
> unexpectedly comes from a poem retelling an Italian novella by Bandello ;
> radical fellow, sometimes, St Bill (his next excursion into domestic
> tragedy was *Othello*).
> That shock of the tragedy's domesticity is then greatly compounded by:
> a) the first 2.5 acts behaving like comedy ; and
> b) the plot devices that drive the tragedy in the later acts being comedic
> -- paternally demanded unwelcome marriage, a letter going stray &c. ; so
> that
> c) it is almost a tragedy by accident --
> all of which would give Aristotle and any self-respecting neo-classicist
> even bigger hives than a bourgeois tragedy.
> If you really want a splendid retelling of R&J, btw, try Diana Wynne Jones,
> *The Magicians of Caprona*.

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