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These all sound pretty cool. I think you really should try fleshing them out more and write them yourself? :)

little Alex

> On Jan 10, 2022, at 10:56, WILLIAM A WENRICH <wawenri at msn.com> wrote:
> No one on this list would confuse me with a writer. However, I've been kicking around ideas for stories about an investigator of strange crimes or just odd things. Some are possible with current technology while others are SF.
> For your consideration, here are three puzzles with solutions:
>  1.   Woman in a tree - A backpacker breakers camp in the morning an hears someone moaning. He finds a shoe with a stiletto heal in the ground and sees an obviously injured woman high in a tree. She's wearing the other shoe. He's unable to climb to her but has a satellite phone and can call for help. The regular medevac can't reach her but there's a National Guard unit with some leftover Vietnam era equipment that can. She's rushed to the hospital and survives. While in the tree she was wrapped in (not wearing) a party dress. She doesn't remember anything after being at a party in a city about 100 miles away.
>  2.  Car in a tree - Another backpacker (this isn't a theme, really) finds a car with a tree growing up through it. It's a fairly new car, much newer than the tree. The car fit exactly around the tree except for settling. The hole in the roof of the car looked like it had been cut to fit the tree. The car couldn't have been lowered down on the tree because of the branches. After checking the registration, the police contacted the owner who had reported the car stolen. (Hint: she was going through a messy divorce and there was a stain transmission fluid on the floor of the garage.)
>  3.  Dead in the middle- The people in the eleventh through sixteenth floors of a building (they skipped 13) died of radiation poisoning. The only damage to the building was to the freight elevator which was completely destroyed. In fact, the elevator was almost in pieces. There are indications that the elevator was occupied and there was some sort of equipment inside. The damage to the elevator shaft showed that the elevator was within the area of high radiation.
> S
> P
> A
> C
> E
>  1.   Woman in the tree - This one is currently possible. The woman was roofied at the party and the villain decided to get rid of her by putting her in a cargo drone, flying it at low level and dumping her in the middle of the forest. If the fall didn't kill her, she still would likely not be found.
>  2.  Car in a tree - True SF. The woman's ex-husband had access to an experimental prototype teleporter and the damage to the car as well as its condition was the result of a sort reverse tele-frag. The parts of the car that coincided with solid matter at the destination were left behind.
>  3.  Dead in the middle - This is also SF. The person/people in the elevator were moving a cold fusion device that somehow overloaded and acted like a micro neutron bomb.
> I am perfectly willing to never do this again.
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