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Mon Jan 10 17:20:28 GMT 2022

On Jan 10, 2022, at 3:48 AM, M. Haller Yamada via Lois-Bujold <lois-bujold at lists.herald.co.uk> wrote:
> Drifting from the topic to something more on-topic: Vor colors would be at the whimsy of the original count who chose the colors, I would suppose.... 

Also on-topic, Nikys and Adelis dressing in matching (if not identical) outfits to be Penric-as-Mira's servants; "Nikys turned and cut up a voluminous old black skirt for two tabards, which, when she draped them over a black shirt and trousers for Adelis and a dark dress for herself, blended well and gave them both an unified air," along with the matching black masks.

> Drifting further still: I think it's interesting that uniformity in clothing might be a temporary stop along the way . . . that if we get machines that allow us to mix and match sleeves, bodices, necklines, backs, hems, collars, etc., we might be closer to an original variety of clothing. But I think there will always be occasions when we're supposed to dress alike. 

The online clothing vendor eShakti does this now.  Their dresses and skirts also have pockets! www.eshakti.com


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