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> Sylvia: > And then he sees Juliet and throws over Rosaline before he even
> talks to
> > Juliet.
> Markus: yes - 14 year olds ... both of them ..
> and like any teenager in that age, drama queens to the nth power
> John: Quite right about teenage drama queens, but there is no evidence that
> Romeo is 14. We know Juliet is -- her mother tells us so (and that she is
> herself 28, having had Juliet when she was 14) -- but while Romeo is
> clearly also adolescent anything between 14 and 19 is possible, and I'd
> tend to think 16-17 probable. Tony Tanner (drawing on a remark by
> Coleridge) said the play is characterised by "precipitate immoderation",
> which is whang in the gold.

Actually Juliet isn't *quite* 14, since the nurse and Lady Capulet discuss
her *upcoming* fourteenth birthday ("at Lammas Eve at night shall she be

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