[LMB] OT: Phishing

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Mon Jan 10 18:19:16 GMT 2022

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>I use a slightly different wording, if contacted by a business, organization, or other group, don’t reply or use any embedded link. contact them through your normal methods (i.e. phone) to verify.
>William A Wenrich
>   *   A sinner dependent on God’s grace.
I use a different sort of winnowing garbage messages.  fishman at panix.com 
is a shell account which presents all messages as text only. But this 
includes the full headers so that I can trace the real provenance of 
each message and can ignore all that do not actually come from whom they 
claim. I then forward my remaining mail to my IP provider (FIOS) where I 
can use eMail Client to actually read them. It seems to work pretty well 
for me.


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