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The Vor WERE a military caste. When you get to the point that many of them are town clowns or petty bureaucrats, and ship duty is hard to come by, and the Nexus is mostly at peace, what you have is a garden variety aristocracy. Most of those also began as warrior castes.
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> In my experience with Middle Eastern dance, members of a group may have
> quite different body shapes.  Dressing them alike emphasizes this, and can
> distract from the unity of their movements.  I prefer to dress the dancers
> in similar colors (everyone wear some blue and some purple) but allow
> variety in styles of sleeves etc.

The Vor are a military caste, their colors are intended for uniforms, and
soldiers tend to have much more uniform body shapes than the general

IIRC, comments from Mark and Miles suggest that the colors were chosen,
with order of choice determined randomly.  The last to choose had to take
whatever remained, such as red-and-green.  It's suggested that the reason
the Emperor's House has red and blue is that Barra went first.

Matt "Kosigan must have been middle of the ranking"  G.
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