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John Lennard agrees:

 >while Romeo is clearly also adolescent, anything between 14
 >and 19 is possible, and I'd tend to think 16-17 probable.

Now do Mercutio.

Mercutio seems to me a recently returned veteran --
drunk, stoned, shell shocked, all simultaneously. He's
addressing his own craziness by attempting, badly, to
re-set his personal history to an age before his horrible,
front line wartime experiences. So, maybe 24 or so, not quite
a decade older than Romeo, Benvolio, and the other Montague
hangers on. He lacks many peers of his own age, of course.
Mercutio wears the olive drab remnants of
his uniform, adorned with marks and scars of war.

Tybalt is of identical age, but trained, and served,
in the administrative or logistic or rear-guard
echelons. Paris was one of those too well connected
to serve at all. Lady Capulet may have lost her
first great love -- more likely, "crush" -- to
the recent (offstage, distant, unmentioned and almost
forgotten) war, and was married lovelessly to the
older Lord Capulet, who himself was past military age.

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