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Raymond Collins rcrcoll6 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 06:44:45 GMT 2022

I lost my keys one day. Then We had a huge storm that passed which knocked
the power off forcing me to frantically bail out the sump pump well in the
basement for several hours. I was totally exhausted. The next day I needed
to go out and found out my keys were missing. i searched every where
including the sump pump well. Anyway I had another set of keys but the key
fob was dead.
Anyway four days later I found the keys. I had a box of seltzer water which
I put the keys on. They fell through a flap into the box. Drove me crazy.
Afterwards I bought a set of Tiles.

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> On 11/01/2022 07:21, Raymond Collins wrote:
> > I know the feeling of having to search the whole blasted house to look
> for
> > something missing.  Unfortunately,  for me, I only have myself to blame
> for
> > misplacing that bloody item.
> A few weeks after I first moved out on my own (decades ago, now), I
> found myself looking for my glasses. I always wore them while driving,
> and took them off when I came home. And I always, *always* put them in
> the same place. Except, this time, they were not there. After a long
> search, I found them in an unlikely place.
> I could vividly picture myself angrily berating whoever was living with
> me about it, because, obviously, they moved my glasses. And they put
> them where they clearly did not belong (in the fridge). Except, I was
> alone. And only after a time did I remember that the phone rang just as
> I came home the day before, so I answered the phone, and while I was
> talking to the phone, I opened the fridge to see if I needed anything,
> and I must have put my glasses down there. And when I finished the phone
> call, I was no longer in the "coming home" mode, so I completely forgot
> about the glasses, until the next morning.
> It was a lesson that came in very, very useful once I was no longer
> living alone: Just because something is not where you *always* put it,
> it doesn't mean someone moved it. Don't always assume it must be someone
> else's fault.
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