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Ah ...  in the Yugoslav military, when you sent X pieces of Y size 
underwear to the wash, you immediately got back X pieces of 
approximately size Y.

You marked shirts and pants with your name, and you would mostly get 
them back from the wash, but not your underwear.

If you had wanted to have your own pair of underwear, you would have had 
to wash it yourself. I don't know of anybody who did that. Not only we 
didn't have time to do it, but the only hot water to be had was in the 
showers, and that was for showers, one company at a time.

No, the per-company washrooms did not have hot water. No, not even for 
shaving. Most of us learned to shave with cold water, so we didn't know 
what we were missing. No mirrors, either. If you wanted to shave with a 
mirror, you had to bring your own. I can still shave without a mirror.

This modern military, tsssk. I wonder if they even shine their own 
boots. :-)

On 12/01/2022 07:15, Raymond Collins wrote:
> I read an article about the Norwegian military. Apparently when a service
> person leaves the army they have to return their uniforms. What makes it
> icky is now they also have to turn in their underwear and socks because of
> a shortage. I'd just rather wear my own underwear thank you very much.
> On Tue, Jan 11, 2022, 3:14 PM Matija Grabnar via Lois-Bujold <
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>> On 11/01/2022 17:17, Howard Brazee wrote:
>>> Before mass-produced clothing, the wealthy had tailors, and the poor
>> tried to make do with what they could afford to make.
>>> It’s not valid to use Regency Romances as a source, but when clothing
>> was dear, a Red Coat uniform could make a young man very attractive.
>> I seem to remember hearing somewhere that queen Catherine made Henry
>> VIII's shirts. Can any of the resident historians confirm?
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