[LMB] OT: Family health worry

Louann Miller domelouann at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 00:07:09 GMT 2022

The beloved husband has been admitted to our local hospital (a good one,
I'm happy to say) with covid pneumonia. He wasn't able to get enough air.
(All praise to his brother who went out and got us a blood-oxygen level
gadget. Having that available, and therefore a hard number in front of us,
helped us know it was time to hit the ER.)
They have him on some oxygen, which is making him feel considerably better,
and are also giving him steroids and antivirals. The kids and I are
obviously not happy, but confident he's in the right place getting the
right care. I will go see him again tomorrow. Unfortunately, only one
visiting hour per day for Covid patients. They told him to plan on staying
there 3-4 days.
His immediate reaction was that he's going to need more books, which is one
of the reasons I feel confident they're taking good care of him.


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