[LMB] OT: A day I'd rather had not happened.

Eric Oppen ravenclaweric at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 01:42:49 GMT 2022

I got back from California today. As usual, I rode Amtrak from Riverside to
Ft. Madison, IA.  On the train, I thought I had got some sleep, but I can't
honestly be sure---I sometimes go into something like a hypnotic trance in
trains or on airplanes, mostly due to sitting in one place for FAR too

I felt fine when I alit at Ft. Madison, so I got in my car and headed for
home.  Apparently I wasn't so fine.   Suddenly, I found myself in a car out
of control, spinning first into the median and then back onto the roadway,
where I hit another car.

AFAIK, I'm just fine---I was strapped in very securely.  The other driver
said he had some back pain, which might mean nowt or summat.  Both cars
took damage, but it looked to me like nothing a body shop couldn't fix.  I
do have insurance for this sort of thing.

As I said, a day I'd sooner had not happened.

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