[LMB] OT: A day I'd rather had not happened.

Katrina Knight kknight at fastmail.fm
Thu Jan 13 02:18:35 GMT 2022

At 08:42 PM 1/12/2022 Eric Oppen wrote:
>I felt fine when I alit at Ft. Madison, so I got in my car and 
>headed for
>home.  Apparently I wasn't so fine.   Suddenly, I found myself 
>in a car out
>of control, spinning first into the median and then back onto 
>the roadway,
>where I hit another car.

That's awful. I'm glad you're okay. Hopefully the other driver 
is too.

Katrina Knight
kknight at fastmail.fm

Please be aware that I am in the middle of preparing to move and 
not at my computer much so I may not respond quickly.

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