[LMB] Death Count

Gwynne Powell gwynnepowell at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 13 05:54:23 GMT 2022

This came at a tangent from a few posts here, but it's one of those
things that suddenly bubbles to the top of your mind, and you wonder...

I wonder if we're counting Miles's deaths correctly.

The general comment is that he's died once, and next time he'd do it
more permanently. But do we have the count correct?

I don't think his first birth counts, because they don't mention any
revival at that point (although Cordelia dies - temporarily. So once again
Miles is following in her footsteps with his later return from death).

He dies on JW, cryorevived, all of that. But after that comes another
death. Naismith. The little Admiral is finished when Miles is fired from
ImpSec. No wonder he reacts so strongly - it's not just embarrassment
and regret, it's grief. That's the second death.

So his next effort will be three times and, presumably, the one he gets
right (and permanent.) And I'm not thinking about that.

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