[LMB] OT: Borrowing

Matija Grabnar lmb at matija.com
Thu Jan 13 15:13:55 GMT 2022

On 13/01/2022 14:37, Howard Brazee wrote:
> At one time I had a mouse that sat on a recharger, but it stopped working.   Now I have a mouse that is designed so that it can’t be used while it is recharging.  (My keyboard can be used while it is recharging).

Both my desktop mouse and my laptop mouse are logitech MX/3, MX anywhere 
3. They charge over USB, when they charge they can be used but they have 
a tail.

The beauty is that I need to charge them only once every few months, so 
when they start signaling low battery, I just make a metal note to plug 
it in when I'm finished for the day, and it the morning it will be OK 
for another month or two.

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