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M. Haller Yamada

If you can teach her (and your other grandchildren) the joys of a place for everything, and everything in its place, you'll be teaching a valuable life skill that can save her loads of money in the future. 

Does she have a special corner of the house where she can do her homework? A small table or sturdy TV tray, or even a real desk if you can get one second-hand and have the space? It'll be more comfortable and ergonomic. 

Then, 20 minutes before it's time to go home, have a ten-minute tidy. All things (kitchen items, snacks, computing items, art items, etc.) go back where they belong. If it takes more than 10 minutes to tidy, you might need to have a two-minute tidy every hour upon the hour. This goes for Grandma and Grandpa, too -- they put their things away at the same time. Then sit down and have a treat -- maybe have them show you the latest Tik-toks or favorite music videos. Take turns and show them some YouTube of songs that were popular when you were their age. 

If something does get lost, ask them to help you look for it. I'm sure this doesn't happen to you, but I often misplace things (despite my best efforts) and I never blame it on the kids. "I can't find my X. Have you seen it anywhere around? Can you help me look for it?" 

A lost mouse is its own consequence, too. Not only are you out a mouse, so are the kids. That sucks for everyone. 

I'm not done reading the thread -- can't wait to find out if it was found! 

We'll likely find it any day now as I bought a new one yesterday. We've tried a tidy up time. It has fallen into disuse since their parents don't always tell us when they are coming to pick them up and they both want to leave immediately.

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