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>From Canon, firearms were available during the last decades of the TOI, but they were rare.
Since potassium nitrate is a major component of gunpowder, as well as being a valuable fertilizer,  I can't see that much gunpowder was available.  Hand to hand combat would still be critical in most battles - as it was during the peninsular war and the later wars against Napoleon .
Herself has stated that steam power was available,  but not very common, either as stationary engines or as locomotive engines. Few places had working milling machines or lathes, making all machining operation difficult. 
Consider them as being pre US Civil War as a general rule. 
Oh, so close! And then they were rediscovered, and WOW!

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  On Thu, Jan 13, 2022 at 3:53 PM, WILLIAM A WENRICH<wawenri at msn.com> wrote:   I've been wondering about the level of weapons tech at the end of the TOI. It was low enough that 2,000 "chefs" could make a real difference. It wasn't mechanized but gun powder weapons had been available for quite a while. I doubt that gold bullets lasted long.
Was Dorca at the level of Gustav Adolf? US Civil war?
I seem to remember a fan fic that described the beginning of railroads but I don't think that there was anything in canon.

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