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William writes:

I've been wondering about the level of weapons tech at the end of the TOI. It was low enough that 
2,000 "chefs" could make a real difference. It wasn't mechanized but gun powder weapons had been available for quite a while. I doubt that gold bullets lasted long.
Was Dorca at the level of Gustav Adolf? US Civil war?
I seem to remember a fan fic that described the beginning of railroads but I don't think that there was anything in canon.

From a Goodreads Q & A, LMB has this to say about that:
Sarah asked Lois McMaster Bujold:
I've been wondering about Barryar during the time of isolation. How much technology did they lose? It seemed that they had started using horses in warfare, and yet they appeared to re-acquire space travel very quickly after the Cetegandan's invaded.

Lois McMaster Bujold:
By the third generation, they had lost electricity, and were down to wind, water, and muscle power for a time. Loss of tech went hand-in-hand with loss of social cohesion, and came back much the same way. By the last quarter-century before the end of the ToI, they were getting electricity back. There followed about 15 years of very rapid development between the rediscovery and the Cetagandan invasion, half a generation. Development continued throughout the Occupation, in erratic patchy ways. Lots of off-planet imports turbo-boosted things, as well as disrupting them.

Sue: sounds pretty definitive to me. I’ve always imagined Barrayaran society and tech being about pre-WWI level at the end of the TOI, and progressing rapidly (technologically, at least) to WWII level by the time the Occupation began. Still, a HUGE tech gap!

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