[LMB] OT: Temperature

Joel Polowin jpolowin at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 13 23:37:31 GMT 2022

From: Markus Baur <baur at chello.at>
> yes .. saunas are pretty dry
> consider this that you start with air at ambient temp and relative 
> humidity (lets say 20?C and 50%) - if you heat that up to 100?C you end 
> up with 0.8% relative humidity
> which is why sweating in a sauna works pretty well to keep your body 
> temperature under control .. and thus makes 100?C bearable for limited times

I think that every sauna I've been in (which is not a large number) was
heated at least partially by steam.  Sometimes there have been jets of
steam; other times some system for pouring water over heated rocks.


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