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When I was a kid I remember a boy watching tv on his wrist in class on the
animated  TV show, " The Jetsons".

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> > Micki: Had to laugh out loud! Some things are true the world over.
> That's the main purpose for OUR landline, too. I hate answering the damn
> thing unless it says who is calling on the caller ID. Even then, I would
> much rather someone else answer it.
> >
> > I don't have much use for the phone function of my phone, either. We get
> free calls (even VIDEO CALLS, the future is HERE!) from an app, so the
> phone is mostly for when I don't have wi-fi.
> My phone doesn’t ring when it doesn’t recognize the phone number.  Every
> once in a while, I have to turn that feature off while I wait for a call
> from a company that uses lots of phone numbers (like Apple).    I don’t use
> video calls.
> I often use my phone’s music app to listen to the radio while taking a
> walk, so maybe I use 5G, but I suspect it would sound just the same with 4G
> or 3G.   I do that when I’m caught up with podcasts (I don’t need my phone
> to listen to podcasts, as they seem to be downloaded to my watch).   Some
> people watch movies on their phones, I guess they are the ones who want
> that speed.  (I don’t watch much TV)
> I track my steps and use a heart app.    I also copy all of my ebooks to
> my phone in case I’m out somewhere without my iPad.
> My desktop computer is where I do most all of my computing.   My son’s SO
> was doing inventory for MileHiCon’s auction with a computer in front of
> her, but typing them in on her phone instead.   I learned to type a
> half-century ago and very much prefer a full-sized keyboard and screen.
>  It’s hard for me to imagine that in the future they will switch to voice,
> but who knows what their interfaces will be?
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