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> Before mass-produced clothing, the wealthy had tailors, and the poor tried to make do with what they could afford to make.
> It’s not valid to use Regency Romances as a source, but when clothing was dear, a Red Coat uniform could make a young man very attractive.
I seem to remember hearing somewhere that queen Catherine made Henry 
VIII's shirts. Can any of the resident historians confirm?

Micki: Not a historian, but that detail was in one of the Wolf Hall books by Hilary Mantel. Here's a link from the Royal Collection Trust that says she kept making his shirts even during divorce proceedings. I think it was a symbol of wifely love, and I don't remember hearing of any of the other wives doing it for him. https://www.rct.uk/collection/themes/exhibitions/in-fine-style/the-queens-gallery-palace-of-holyroodhouse/catherine-of-aragon-1485-1536

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