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IIRC, the worm plague wasn’t a contagious disease. At certain times of the year, a parasite was present that caused scaring in humans.

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> No, not due to COVID-19. Albuquerque Public Schools was hacked and the attendance system is down. Emma and Elanor were out of school today and also tomorrow. Hazel and Anna's charter school just went back to manual attendance so they have school.
Matija: Shutting down a school because the attendance system is down seems to me
an indication that the school has it's priorities all wrong.

Micki: I can't help but wonder if in Arizona, it's almost impossible to shut school down because of COVID or staffing shortages, but shutting down because "the computers are down" is acceptable and a sneaky way to keep kids and staff home. I'll be interested in hearing how many days "the computers are down".

(Drifting) I am so thankful my kids are grown up and don't have little kids of their own yet. So many hard, hard decisions to make as a parent in this day and age.

(On topic) I do wonder what the parents did during the Sergyar Worm Plague.


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