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Oh, yes. There is a difference between the Emperorship and the Vorbarradom. The Star Chamber scene in Ivan Vorpatril's Alliance outlined the three separate hats Gregor was wearing as he considered the Downfall of Impsec, Grand Theft - History, and release of unknown biologicals into the ecology. The Cordonahs were lucky to get off with deportation and 5% of the take.
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> The Vorbarra house colors are black and silver, not red and blue.

I do believe that is correct.  Thank you.

> Red and blue is gala dress for the military.

Something like that, I'm not quite sure I understand those details fully.
 Perhaps there is a distinction between the Emperorship and the

In any case, silver-and-black still suggests Barra went first.

Matt "good sartorial taste" G.
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