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 Another two suggestions:
Rhys Ifan for Bothari Constantine.   
I saw him as Griguri Rasputin in the Kingsman movie, and he fit perfectly - given the heavy makeup.  He's got the body type, and the wild eyes needed for Bothari.  
Ralph Fines for Piotr Vorkosigan. 

He's got the acting chops for it - and the ferocity of motion Piotr needs. Thin face (with some help from makeup), and the thin body needed. 
Daniel Radcliffe could do a young-ish Aral Vorkosigan...
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Another entry in the Eternal casting thread.
I'd like to propose David Troughton for either Emperor Ezar or General Count Piotr Vorkosigan.
Watching him rip an incompetent Colonel a new opening in ' Major Lennox Answered With His Life Sir!'

Gwynne: I can see him as Ezar, definitely.
Sometimes I see an actor and immediately identify them as exactly the right person for
one of the characters. And sometimes I see an actor and like them so much I try to fit them
 to someone.

And I'd like to add to the casting thread.... theme music. Some songs are just so
perfect for particular characters; Viva la vida came on the radio while I was driving
today (yes, I know it's Coldplay, but it's still a great song) and that song is so perfect
for Yuri.
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