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Sat Jan 15 08:15:18 GMT 2022

On 13/01/2022 23:35, WILLIAM A WENRICH wrote:
> No, not due to COVID-19. Albuquerque Public Schools was hacked and the attendance system is down. Emma and Elanor were out of school today and also tomorrow. Hazel and Anna's charter school just went back to manual attendance so they have school.
Matija: Shutting down a school because the attendance system is down seems to me
an indication that the school has it's priorities all wrong.

Micki: (snip)

(On topic) I do wonder what the parents did during the Sergyar Worm Plague.


William: IIRC, the worm plague wasn’t a contagious disease. At certain times of the year, a parasite was present that caused scaring in humans.

Micki: Paging Karen! What do we have on the worm plague? I remember it mostly as a throw-away line once or twice in the series, one that allowed us to use our imaginations. So, William could be right. 

I imagined it as a soil-based parasite that very likely had contagious elements, such as pinworms, which according to kidshealth's Google blurb, are contagious and people can ingest them or breathe them in. 

But I'm willing to go with a scabies-like creature. Here's what the NIH has to say about them (well, one article, anyway):


Scabies is spread through close physical contact, according to the Mayo Clinic, and can spread easily through a daycare or nursing home facility. It's also possible to spread them through towels, blankets, shared clothing, sexual contact . . . . (This is a combo of the NIH, plus the Mayo Clinic). https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/scabies/symptoms-causes/syc-20377378

But, if the plague wasn't infectious (although "plague" kind of suggests it was), it could be spread through direct contact with the worms' primary habitat, and if that's dust, maybe it blew in the wind? Kind of like pollen? Wouldn't that be a nightmare! Pollen worms that hatched, burrowed under your skin, and then grew and grew and grew. Brrrrr! 

I don't remember internal scarring being such an issue, though. Maybe I should read the books in question again, LOL. 

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