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It’s beyond the attendance issue.
More info:


A. Marina Fournier

Micki: Thanks, Marina! I ran across this after I posted (sorry, Arizona, for blaming you). I don't know if it really changes any suspicious writerly conspiracy theories, LOL. 

However, I can certainly see why the school district would Cover Its Ass and close down with the information in the article. Do the teachers really know who are supposed to be picking up the kids? 

Or . . . gosh, the more I think about it, the more I think something else is going on. I suppose it depends on staffing (if many teachers are out sick, substitute teachers would need to rely on the computers for information about who to send kids home with, etc.). It was either in the NPR article, or a different one, where they mentioned at least one of the non-Albuquerque school systems got hit before Christmas break, so they could work on things and get them back into order. 

I read elsewhere on Twitter (yes, I know this sounds an awful like "I heard on the radio" and yes, it is, so take it with a grain of salt and a shot of Google) that high school students somewhere were taking two or three study halls, and just sitting around doing nothing because of teacher shortages. 

Google mentions students taking study halls in Sand Diego Union Tribune, and also some students from the Isle of Man (GB/UK?) being told to learn from home. I knew via internet a lady who moved to the Isle of Man -- remote and small population. Hard to ship new teachers in, I would imagine. 

For the flu, Japanese schools had rules for shutting down. I think when more than 30 percent of a class was absent, they'd put the class on "sick leave" (not the right word) for three to five days. And at a different percentage, they might close a whole grade or even the whole school for three to five days. It's been a few years since I was in the system; I'm not sure how they handle COVID. 


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