[LMB] OT: Caturday!

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Sat Jan 15 10:44:37 GMT 2022

This might a catamyst of epic proportion.

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> Yes, this is off-topic, no matter how many times the little devil in my
> head tries to argue: "But Zap the CAAAAAAAT!" None of our cats shed on
> imperial uniforms that I know of, but many of us are fond of cats. So, I
> present a video from my YouTube channel:
> Cessna and Bikini: Kittens Hunting the Mist
> See, we got a new humidifier, and this one shoots mist out a spout, and
> then the cloud delightfully disappears. And the kittens are DUMBFOUNDED by
> this. Absolutely flabbergasted. Here, Cessna gently tries to investigate
> the mysterious entity that has shown up in his territory while Bikini
> watches. (Smart Bikini!)
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk3r1-4VGYY ((1:51 if I remember right.)
> Have a happy #Caturday, y'all, and why not share some pics or vids of your
> kitties? It's all in honor of Zap, right?
> Micki
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