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(On topic) I do wonder what the parents did during the Sergyar Worm Plague.

William: IIRC, the worm plague wasn?t a contagious disease. At certain times of the year, a parasite was present that caused scaring in humans.

Micki: Paging Karen! What do we have on the worm plague? I remember it mostly as a throw-away line once or twice in the series, one that allowed us to use our imaginations. So, William could be right.?

Gwynne: It's not a plague as in spreading disease, more like mouse plague
meaning infestation. Although since the worms are native fauna, they're
really just part of the landscape.

The worms spend part of their life cycle underground. At a certain point in
their life cycle they wait for a host. If they infest a human the different
biology means the worms don't survive, but first they burrow around
under the skin and leave serious scarring.

Cordelia mentions that they were lucky, in that walk across Sergyar, that it
wasn't the host-seeking part of their life cycle, or she and Aral could have
been infested. So it's a regular seasonal thing.

In DI, the young hero/idiot (I am NOT looking up his name or I'll end up
rereading the whole book again, and I have no TIME right now!).. the
young Sergyaran has scars over his body and Miles wonders if as a child,
and new to Sergyar, the other kids welcomed him by rolling him over
some wormholes.

There's a vaccination for the worms by the latest book, but some of the
teens prefer to use the worms to make interesting scar patterns (cheaper
than tattooing?) I don't know what the parents do, but it's probably what
all parents of teens do. Some things don't change.

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