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> (On topic) I do wonder what the parents did during the Sergyar Worm Plague.
> Micki
> William: IIRC, the worm plague wasn’t a contagious disease. At certain
> times of the year, a parasite was present that caused scaring in humans.
> --
> Micki: Paging Karen! What do we have on the worm plague? I remember it
> mostly as a throw-away line once or twice in the series, one that allowed
> us to use our imaginations. So, William could be right.
> I imagined it as a soil-based parasite that very likely had contagious
> elements, such as pinworms, which according to kidshealth's Google blurb,
> are contagious and people can ingest them or breathe them in.
> But I'm willing to go with a scabies-like creature. Here's what the NIH
> has to say about them (well, one article, anyway):

[ more snippage ]

There's an article on the fandom site:
It looks a bit skimpy to me, containing only references to the better

One handy extra-canonical bit of info (list conversation):

Gwynne's description is about right.

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