[LMB] OT: Borrowing

Howard Brazee howard at brazee.net
Sat Jan 15 17:28:59 GMT 2022

> On Jan 15, 2022, at 10:18 AM, Marc Wilson <marc.wilson at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>> The only advantage for me is not using up a port.
> Is your mouse a bluetooth one, then?  Because otherwise, they still need
> a port for the dongle (though the Logitech ones and some others can
> share, e.g. mouse, keyboard, trackpad etc can all be bound to one
> dongle).

Yes, I have one of the new iMacs.

>> That and the wireless mouse came with my computer.   I bought a wired mouse for emergencies, but it uses the old USB standard, and my computer has the newer USB standard.
> Should be backwards compatible, though.

Sure, as long as I can plug it in (with a dongle or an external bus).   But I also have a bluetooth track pad, so I’m safe several ways.

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