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Karen: There's an article on the fandom site:
It looks a bit skimpy to me, containing only references to the better

One handy extra-canonical bit of info (list conversation):

Gwynne's description is about right.

Micki: Excellent! Esp. the extra-canonical explanation from Lois. 

Here's a handy link to Gwynne's description, although I think the scars are caused by the worms as well as the digging-out procedure. Otherwise, why wouldn't the kids just carve themselves up without the worms? I think the organic patterns of the worm (maybe guided by worm-annoying tactics to some extent) are the attractive bit to kids. But I don't think there's text-ev; I'm just guessing. 

http://lists.herald.co.uk/pipermail/lois-bujold/2022-January/009004.html (Gwynne's description)

SO, how quickly would they diagnose this new threat? Microscopic, so people suddenly get itchy, then start bloating up and acting like they've got a huge allergy to something. Plus fevers. I would assume kids would be more likely to get it, since it's hard to keep kids out of the dirt. But of course, many, many adults would get it, too. But it's awfully scary when your kid starts puffing up and the doctor can only say, "Oh, that's interesting." 

They would be in for a few months (at the very least) of not-knowing if it was contagious, if it was generally benign or if the low sample case just got lucky . . . .



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