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> Question: Does Vorlopoulis's Law apply to Gregor? Is he limited to 20 
> Armsmen?
> Harvey
> Micki: 20 sure doesn't seem like a lot, especially if you have a growing family. Drou was not an armsman; I'm also not sure if she carried a knife (even a Vorfemme knife . . . which would be problematic in a plebe?). But she could take down an enemy, and was surely trained in all sorts of non-knife weaponry. 

I always assumed (or maybe read) that the 20 armsman limit applied to Gregor as well.  Of course that doesn’t mean that Gregor didn’t have armies and secret service and ImpSec working for him as well.

Micki: Oh, of course. I always assumed the 20 armsmen limit applied to Count Vorbarra. But yeah, just like Miles, Gregor would be able to tap on Imp Sec guards and military folks to help round out the edges -- the main difference being that for Miles and the other counts, the extra hands ultimately report to Gregor the Emperor, whereas, for Gregor, they essential report to the same guy wearing different hats. I'd forgotten about that. 

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